Things are heating up as Granny gets down with an Uzi!
Weird Crime Theater, yo!

Nine! Weird Crime Theater.

1 day ago on July 24, 2014 at 11:51am

WCT Field Report #7: The Final Battle!

They say that the hardest part of any project is finishing the damned thing. Well, it’s been a just over a month since my last post here and I’m getting near the end. Working at fever pitch now, I’m churning out about a page a day. If this keeps up I’ll be done-done be the end of the month and we can get this sucker off to the printer.
All good news, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for waiting patiently while I run to the finish-line. In fact, the countdown has already begun. Count with me.

Building the machine. Heading to the end. Count with me. 10!
Weird Crime Theater!


Kim Jung Gi

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Zao Dao

Kicking in doors.
Kind of symbolic of my mood on this project as I start my approach to land this sucker. Weird Crime Theater!

And finished, big chin and all!

Some late night re-draws. The page I was drawing was going really poorly so, 4-panels in I bailed. Redraw going so well maybe I should redraw all the pages in this book!
Weird Crime Theater! HOOOoooo!


I have no words.