New things(?) on the horizon.



Awesome tips

I’ve never drawn a hand as good as any of these in my 20 years drawing:) Always something new to learn.

Signing another batch of Weird Crime Theater books to go out tomorrow morning. Also ‘cause I’m insanely slow, #inktober number four, y’all!


Working on a commission for Weird Crime Theater. More details to come but for now, #inktober number 3?


And finished! #inktober day 2.


Some detail as I start inking. #inktober


A little Weird Crime Theater #inktober process shot. Sumie wash to start.



David Fincher - And the Other Way is Wrong

Here’s an interesting little video essay by Tony Zhou about David Fincher’s style of directing and composition.

On his lack of handheld camera work:

I just love the idea of this omniscience. Like, the camera, it just goes over here kind of perfectly, and it goes over there kind of perfectly. It doesn’t have any personality, but it’s very much like what’s happening was doomed to happen.

On closeups:

Every time you go to a closeup, the audience knows, “Look at this. This is important.” You have to be very very cautious and careful about when you choose to do it.

On wide, status shots:

I want to present in as wide a frame and in as unloaded a situation as possible — a kind of simple, proscenium way. This is what’s going on. This is what this guy sees.

Okay, so I’m posting a little late but I figure I’ll catch up later. This is #inktober 01


Drawing/Signing a few Weird Crime Theater books for Kickstarter backers before they go out later today.