Sorry it’s been a few days but some last minute printer wrangling kept me from posting but now it’s all sorted and we’re back to the countdown.
Now all the ducks are lined up and saluting.
This book is going to be awesome!
Weird Crime Theater!!



I’m so excited about this issue, being that it may be my favorite so far!!  That’s up to this point, because I’m working on issue 5 right now, and Christopher Sebela’s script is FIRE!!

Also we have Matt Battaglia joining the crew on colors this issue.  It’s his frst job coloring comics and he’s killing it!!!  Check out his work in the new, 5 page preview here:

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Matt Battaglai

Steve Wands

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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, A Post-Apocalyptic Action Film About Surviving in the Wasteland

A moment of quiet before the big kerfuffle.
Weird Crime Theater!


We’re live-tweeting from Comic-Con International 2014 with tons of Con goings-on. Just follow our twitter to see our little corner of SDCC.

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Things are heating up as Granny gets down with an Uzi!
Weird Crime Theater, yo!

Nine! Weird Crime Theater.

WCT Field Report #7: The Final Battle!

They say that the hardest part of any project is finishing the damned thing. Well, it’s been a just over a month since my last post here and I’m getting near the end. Working at fever pitch now, I’m churning out about a page a day. If this keeps up I’ll be done-done be the end of the month and we can get this sucker off to the printer.
All good news, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for waiting patiently while I run to the finish-line. In fact, the countdown has already begun. Count with me.

Building the machine. Heading to the end. Count with me. 10!
Weird Crime Theater!


Kim Jung Gi

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