And one!!
Weird Crime Theater is done. Tomorrow we go to print!

The home stretch of this mammoth, near 150 page graphic novel.
A bit of an emotional scene here as Granny finds two of his favorite musicians in a colab called… Zamfir Meets Kenny G — “Saxxy Blow Off Time”

Weird Crime Theater two!!!

So I’ve been reformatting and editing the hell out of the book for the new printer and it looks good. Really good. And only 4 pages are missing from the book. Not the last four, tho. No spoilers here. So I’m back on the countdown. Thank you for waiting.
Weird Crime Theater


Charlotte Rutherford

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Some of the Weird Crime Theater swag. Stickers for everyone who ordered the book through the kickstarter. Very pleased with how they came out. Thanks, @stickerapp


Stephane Levallois

Working on some corrections but even the corrections need some fixes and I’m reformatting the entire book for the new printer. So this would be 3.5 in the countdown?
Weird Crime Theater!!


I added some of Chris Visions’ Dead Letters pages to the OOSA Store. Take a look!

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Weird Crime Theater.
The battle is done. Do we have time for a dénouement before our next big adventure? Yes, perhaps, but just.

Weird Crime Theater.